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Installation Instructions

  1. \r\n
  2. Copy the distribution files to your web server inside the "/ckfinder/" folder or any other folder in your web site. \r\n
  3. Create a folder in the server to hold all uploaded files. By default, CKFinder is configured to use the "/ckfinder/userfiles/" folder in your web site. \r\n
  4. Make the above user files folder writable by the internet user. On Windows, give write permissions to the IUSR_<ServerName> user. On Linux, chmod it to 0777. NOTE: usually setting permissions to 0777 is insecure, it is advisable to change the group ownership of the directory to the same user as apache and add group write permisions instead. Please contact your system administrator in case of any doubts. \r\n
  5. Edit the config.php file. Be sure you have correctly set all settings in that file, and that you have enabled CKFinder on it. See Configuration
  6. Make sure that PHP is configured properly: GD extension should be enabled and safe mode should be disabled.

You should be ready to go. Just browse _samples/php/standalone.php to test and see CKFinder.


Security Tips

  • \r\n
  • On Apache, you may disable the PHP engine in the user files folder by copying the "/userfiles/.htaccess" file inside your destination folder. \r\n
  • The config.php file contains many important security settings. Be sure you have reviewed and understood all of them. \r\n
  • For more security tips see Security section.
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